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Specializing in Mindfulness and Coaching






Individual Coaching

We provide coaching solutions that prepare clients to better meet the changing and complex demands of the workplace using evidence based coaching.

At Kinkou we partner with the client, taking a collaborative approach to identify specific needs, delivering solutions which address the challenges facing the individual and their organisation.

The various types of coaching available include; performance, leadership skills, developmental, transition to a new role and on-boarding.


Kinkou also specialises in;


· Building relationships with people of different working styles and improve communication 

· Cross cultural adjustment and managing virtual teams
· Building confidence and skills in women when facing challenges of balancing family life
and career progression
 This coaching engagement typically runs for six 1-hour long sessions, over the course of 6 months
Small Group or Team Coaching
Working with small groups or team coaching is on occasion preferred by organisations rather than individual coaching; 
· To establish team bonding, clarifying roles, responsibilities and goals
· To get the best out of the diversity in a team, fostering an environment for creativity and innovation
This coaching engagement typically runs for four 1-hour long sessions, over the course of 6 months


Kinkou, from the Japanese word meaning balance, sums up the essence of the offerings from this boutique firm. Started by Jane Cox in 2012 as a leadership coaching and facilitation provider, Kinkou (name changed from Cox Coaching and Consulting in 2016) specialises in delivering leadership workshops, coaching and workplace based mindfulness courses for leaders and staff in organisations.


Jane has over 15 years experience developing program participants to be better equipped to manage the changing demands of the workplace in all it's complexity and uncertainty. She utilizes evidence based theories from psychology to philosophy and the latest research findings combined with experience gained in the corporate and tertiary education sectors in designing Kinkou programs. She partners with the client for tailored programs that deliver on clearly articulated goals. Jane is an associate with the global firm Cultivating Leadership ( Cultivating Leadership specislises in assisting organisations to understand complexity theory and how to thrive in complex environments.

Mindfulness in the Workplace
Organisational needs are addressed by individuals developing a mindfulness practice by training the mind’s attention for improved performance, effectiveness, resilience and creativity.


Mindfulness in the Workplace outcomes include;
· Stress reduction, greater focus, self-awareness and compassion
· Becoming less reactive by being able to self-regulate in emotionally challenging situations and developing more creativity
· Addressing issues of efficiency and overwhelm using mindfulness techniques to establish more effective work habits for the use of email, for more productive meetings, prioritising and enhanced communication 
This workshop for groups or teams includes an introductory overview session, followed by five 1-hour mindfulness practice sessions, over the course of 6 weeks




Train The Trainer Workshop
This 5 week course is for people who have undertaken a basic mindfulness course, have a regular personal mindfulness practice and wish to teach mindfulness to colleagues in the workplace or other settings. Topics will include introducing mindfulness and the research of its effectiveness, skills in debriefing participants’ experience and working with groups.
This course contains an introductory session of 90 min, followed by five 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks.


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Jane has provided coaching and mindfullness services and or programs to clients including...







Kinkou is owned by Jane Cox and is based on the

Northern Beaches Sydney



ABN: 56678692430

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